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Your Top Questions On Resume Writing Answered

Your Top Questions On Resume Writing Answered

What is the purpose of submitting a resume?

Your resume is one of the many ways you can apply for jobs these days. However, the real function of your resume is to impress employers so that they’ll contact you for a potential job interview.

How specific should I tailor my resume to each position that I am applying for?

Employers are looking to hire qualified individuals like yourself for specific jobs. We know that each position comes with its own required duties and responsibilities. An employer needs to know that you are qualified to do the specific job properly. Some jobs need people who are generalists and can wear a number of different hats but most jobs are best suited to candidates who are trained and have the necessary background in that line of work.

What’s the worst mistake that you can make on a resume?

The biggest issue I see when editing resumes are errors that could've been caught with a closer eye or even a quick spell check. You also want to make sure that you aren't sending out your resume in the wrong format.

Who should review my resume for potential errors before I go ahead and send out my resumes to employers?

Sometimes we don't possess the necessary skills or even the time to write a top notch resume. It can easily become a laborious task that doesn't get done in time to meet the upcoming deadline. That’s why people decide to reach out to a professional to seek their assistance. I happen to be a resume writer, so please get in touch if you need any help! :)

My resume is way too do I shorten it without emitting key information?

If you include too much detail on your resume, it will deter the hiring manager or recruiter and you might be overlooked as a potential candidate. One page is standard for most industries but if you are in a more tenured position as a manager for example, two pages or more might be acceptable.

What is the meaning behind phrases like ATS tracking and relevant keywords? How do I make sure that I am including them in my resume?

Many employers use an applicant tracking system provided by their company in order to successfully filter through resumes electronically. This means that applicants like yourself will need to ensure that you are including typical phrases that scanners will be looking for. By conducting some preliminary research and comparing your document with other resumes in your industry, you can optimize your chances of getting your foot in the door.