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Top Career Takeaways For Recent Grads

Top Career Takeaways For Recent Grads

Companies Are Hiring!

Don’t let current events throw you off your job search. Companies are currently looking for great talent. Maybe a particular job that you’re looking for won’t be available for a bit, but keep in mind that hiring managers are keen to build relationships with candidates so they can keep their talent pipeline currently active. You may need help finding a job, but companies also need help finding qualified employees.

Soft Skills Are A Must

There have been lots of discussions about the importance of soft skills which just goes to show you how much value they hold in the eyes of hiring managers.

Have A Professional Demeanour At All Times

Since most of the working world has gone remote, that doesn’t mean you should relax your standards. Have a virtual video interview coming up? Dress as if you were meeting the hiring manager or recruiter in person. Don’t forget your mannerisms and be enthusiastic about the opportunity. 

No Fibbing!

We totally get it….internships are being rescinded and with them goes candidates’ enthusiasm. Companies are aware of the struggles that you’re facing in this day and age so don’t diminish your chances by lying about the truth.

Culture Fit Is Essential

Culture is the number one area where you should interview the company as much as they interview you because you don't want to go somewhere where they're going to ask you to fit within an existing framework that may or may not work for you. 

Do Your Homework

Top candidates hunker down and get to know a company's past, present and future. Asking smart questions is another strategy to prove to a hiring manager just how serious you are. 

Keep Your Resume Short and Succinct, Then Apply!

To help increase your chances of getting noticed, take the time to customize each resume you send out. Companies want to know you’re going the extra mile. Worried that you’re not the most qualified candidate for the job? Apply anyway! Studies show that women are less likely to apply for the same job that a man is also on the same skill level for. Let’s break some records ladies!