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How To Use Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

How To Use Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace

Developing emotional intelligence is essential for a successful work experience. When you have a healthy level of emotional intelligence you are able to build strong relationships with coworkers, resolve conflicts and manage challenging situations as they arise.

When our emotions are out of alignment they change how our brains perform and diminish our decision-making abilities. If we can learn to understand and control our emotions, we can achieve success in our professional and personal lives.

Why is emotional intelligence important? It can develop and demonstrate your capabilities while helping to increase your hireability. You also become a more productive, valuable and fulfilling coworker.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is when you can identify and control your own emotions while identifying, recognizing and influencing the feelings of others. When you master emotional intelligence in the workplace, you can harness these skills and apply them to situations when you may be under pressure including;

  • Handling challenging interpersonal relationships,
  • Meeting tight deadlines,
  • Interviewing for a new position,
  • Dealing with a work related conflict.

How Can You Use Your Emotional Intelligence Appropriately In The Workplace?


Using your ability to identify and understand your thoughts and feelings are essential. It is equally important to be aware of how your moods, actions and emotions affect those around you. The next time you encounter a challenging coworker or receive criticism, listen and reflect. 


Maintaining control over your feelings is crucial because your emotions affect your relationship with coworkers, management and clients alike. Be mindful of the environment and situations that trigger you. 


Self-motivation is affected by your emotions. Feeling positive and satisfied with your work can lead to being motivated when it comes to accomplishing tasks. People who have emotional intelligence in the workplace are driven by inner contentment. If you are motivated, you can also help others in the workplace. 


Having the capacity to understand others is important in terms of emotional intelligence. If you have strong empathy skills you can see things from different perspectives which can help support an inclusive workplace. For instance, if you are working within a team, try to be flexible, show your support, build your team strengths and avoid assumptions.

Social Skills

Even if you are not a people person it is possible to develop social skills such as effective communication, respect and active listening. If you are uncomfortable with social interactions at work, try building your self-confidence and look for opportunities to practice your skills within groups. 

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important In The Workplace?

Emotional intelligence plays an important role in many aspects of work and can help you in areas like job performance, relationships, career success and overall mental health. Now you know what emotional intelligence is, let's take a look at the benefits;

  • Positive Interactions: If you use effective communication and empathy, you will find it easier to develop relationships with colleagues, supervisors and clients. Understanding others and interacting with an optimistic attitude can also boost your chances of making meaningful connections and increase morale.
  • Motivating Others: When you have high emotional intelligence you can read and understand your coworker's emotions, you are able to inspire and encourage them to become more productive. This is important if you are in a leadership role where you are responsible for guiding others.
  • Career Prospects: A high level of emotional intelligence is a desirable trait in the workplace especially as it correlates to job performance. If you are looking for a new career or a promotion in your current job, you can use your emotional intelligence to increase your hireability and potentially open doors to new opportunities in your field.

How Can You Improve Your Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace?

Pay Attention 

Improvements can be made by noticing your emotions. 

Ask For Feedback

If you ask for constructive feedback from people you trust it can only help you. 

Practice What You Preach Daily

The more you work on your emotional intelligence, the stronger it becomes over time.