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How to Tell Your Employer That You Have Another Job Offer

How to Tell Your Employer That You Have Another Job Offer

Embarking on the job hunt can feel like an onslaught of resumes, cover letters and several interviews. If you end up getting more than one offer, knowing how to tell a potential employer that you have another offer by using a positive approach is essential to your success.

Being upfront about another job offer can be a great way to demonstrate your value. This information can serve as a reminder to another hiring manager and potentially speeding up their decision-making process and improving the offer so that you can make the right choice. You want to frame the conversation as an honest take of your current situation while focusing your interest in the organization as well as your desire to make an informed decision.

Increasing Your Desirability As A Potential Employee

Revealing that you have another job offer makes you more appealing in a way. It is human nature to value something more when it is in high demand. An external offer demonstrates your skills and abilities while providing tangible proof that you are a competent candidate within the current job market.

Quick Decision Making

When an employer finds out that they are not your only option, they may speed up their hiring process to avoid losing you along the way. This approach can be helpful if you are in a time-sensitive situation or the employer has been slow in terms of making a final decision.

Using Negotiation As Leverage

With another offer in hand, you are in a strong position to negotiate a better salary or benefits. This leverage can extend to negotiating your job role, flexibility, work-life balance or other job-related perks.

Transparency & Honesty

Sharing information about another job offer can establish a foundation of transparency and integrity. These qualities are valued in any job setting and it also helps when it comes to setting expectations about your decision.

Your Position

The employer's reaction to your news can be revealing in regards to how much they value your potential contribution to their company. This information can serve as a measuring tool for your current standing in the hiring process and it could influence your decision-making.

Yes and No Regarding How To Tell A Potential Employer That You Have Another Job Offer

Knowing how to tell a company that you have another offer requires a careful balance between honesty, consideration and professionalism.


  1. Be Honest 

Be straightforward but considerate in the way you share the news should reflect a professional demeanor. Make sure to choose an appropriate moment to bring up the other job offer and ensure the context is relevant.

  1. Continued Interest

Explain your interest in the current role by providing detailed specific aspects of the job that attracts you and highlight how genuine your application is. It is essential to strike the balance between showing enthusiasm and not appearing disingenuous.

  1. Be Flexible

Knowing how to tell a job that you have another offer means that you are showing flexibility. If there is a deadline to respond, communicate this clearly from the beginning. It helps the employer understand your position. 

  1. Seeking More Information

Use this opportunity to ask about the role or company that is important to you. Asking questions helps you gather relevant information and demonstrates your keen interest in making an informed decision.

  1. Be Prepared For Different Outcomes

Recognize that the response could be good or bad. Be mentally prepared for a positive acceleration in the hiring process or a decision to move on. Have a plan in place in case the current opportunity does not work out. This means exploring other job opportunities.

  1. Be Courteous

A polite and professional ending ensures that these relationships are open which could be beneficial in the future.


  1. Do Not Use The Offer As The End All Be All

Presenting the other offer as leverage may damage your reputation with the potential employer. 

  1. Do Not Embellish The Offer

The simple way to approach how to tell a potential employer that you have another offer is to be truthful regarding the nature of the other offer. Misrepresenting the facts can lead to losing trust and potentially harm future opportunities. Respect the confidentiality of the other offer by sharing what is necessary and appropriate.

  1. Do Not Discuss The Offer In Detail Unless Necessary

Provide only generic information about the other offer unless specific details are requested by the interviewer. Maintain a level of discretion that shows respect for both companies.

  1. Do Not Rush The Conversation

Introduce the topic in a way that is appropriate by being aware of the interviewers agenda and ensuring that your participation is respectful.