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How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Job

How To Make The Most Out Of Your First Job

Ready to start your first job? Congrats! The fact that you have landed a full-time job is a big accomplishment and it is definitely worth celebrating. You can take advantage of this occasion by kick-starting your professional development. Here are the steps you should take in order to make the most of your first job and set yourself up for a successful career path.

Identifying Your Career Goals

You never know where your career will take you. Your first job could be a great fit and it could also make you second-guess the field you have chosen. You want to create several long-term career goals during the time that you invest at your first job. Many people think they know exactly what they want to do but it isn’t until they are at their first job that they find out what they don’t like. You can use this time to identify what kind of career path you want to build and in the process you can try to have an open mind. If you are moving in a new direction, allow yourself the ability to explore it.

Get To Know Your Immediate Team Members

You will want to develop strong relationships with your co-workers. Getting to know the people that you work with will help you fit in with your team while also helping you establish a positive rapport. To earn the respect of your boss and co-workers, make sure to avoid engaging in office gossip. If you need to vent about something annoying, you should talk to someone outside of the workplace.

Expand Your Existing Skill Set

Your first job is your opportunity to challenge yourself by learning skills that are outside your comfort zone. Hone in on all the things that you want to learn that will make you a more valuable employee. Your company may provide educational training or certification courses, so take advantage of those offerings. Volunteer yourself for interesting projects, join company committees that align with your interests and offer you the opportunity to utilize your networking skills.

Find The Right Mentor For You

Having a career coach like me to help you formulate ideas and learn new strategies on a regular basis can be really beneficial. Instead of asking any person who holds a different title if they will be your mentor, you can choose someone at your current company who has achieved the kind of career that you want in your life. Start with a small goal.

Study The Company Hierarchy

Find out who makes decisions at your company and compare it with the organizational chart. People in the finance department most likely have more influence than you expected. Once you have identified who the key decision-makers are, focus on building relationships with those particular people.

Create A Catalog of Accomplishments

Make sure to keep a list of your work achievements. A compliments file that you can present to your boss before performance reviews and to employers when you have job interviews. Make sure you update your resume on an ongoing basis so that it reflects your most recent career wins.