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How To Job Hunt In The Four Most Efficient Ways

How To Job Hunt In The Four Most Efficient Ways

On the job hunt again due to COVID-19? Here’s how to sort through the plethora of job postings available to find the one that’s the right fit for you. Make your job search a little easier with these four steps.

You are under the false assumption that your resume is perfect. It’s ATS verified and keyword specific, top notch for your industry, laid out all of your achievements, backed by relevant data and triple checked by a close colleague, friend or relative. 

Now you’re ready to take the necessary steps in order to find your next job. 

Step #1 - Get Your Resume Up To Par

Your resume is pertinent when it comes to starting off on the right foot job search wise. Not sure how yours comparatively? Ask someone you trust or hire a resume writer like myself so you are already off to a fresh start! :) 

Step #2 - Sign Up To Receive Alerts 

When hiring managers and recruiters post jobs online, that means that they are ready to start reviewing potential candidate resumes. The sooner you apply, the better your chances are.

By selecting the types of jobs that are curated to your interests, you can spend less time digging through the millions of jobs that are currently out there on the internet and more time applying to jobs you’re really interested in.

Step #3 - Stay On Top Of Your Search

Here's the thing about the job market: It’s constantly changing. We are all going through a new phase of that process with the COVID-19 pandemic. New jobs are opening up all of the time, which is great for you because that means the odds of you finding the right position increases day by day. That's why it's imperative for you to regularly monitor availability so you don’t end up missing out on a golden opportunity. Ultimately, a few minutes of job searching here and there is all you need to stay on top of it all, but those few minutes could make all the difference. 

Step #4 - Keep Yourself Updated On Potential Employers

You can set up job alerts for not just job titles but also companies. However, you might be wondering, “How do I make a decision regarding which companies I’d like to work for?”

You can retrieve all of the relevant information on most employers by checking out company profiles and employee reviews on The reviews are posted by current and former employees and will give you an overarching view of culture, pay and benefits to help you identify a close match. You can filter and sort through the names of these companies in order to determine what types of positions that they are looking to fill and if any potential job is relevant for you. A company going on a hiring spree can be a good indicator of financial health and wellbeing.