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Are Thank You Notes Still A Thing?

Are Thank You Notes Still A Thing?

You just got back from the interview...congratulations! Now get out your pen and paper out because we’re going to brainstorm on how to thank your potential employer for the unique opportunity you got the chance to take advantage of.

Your interview thank-you note should be sent as soon as possible after the interview takes place.

The thank you letter sent after an interview is absolutely necessary for a successful job hunting strategy. You might be thinking “Should I send my Thank You letter by email or regular mail, handwritten or possibly typed? In today's fast-paced world, the question comes up with even the most sophisticated job seekers. You know you need to express gratitude for being considered for the position, so use these guidelines to determine exactly how to go about sending your personalized thank you letter. 

Should I Send A Thank You Note Via Email?

How did the company initially reach out to you? If you have always corresponded with people via email, then by all means correspond with your contact as soon as you return from the interview. However, make sure to follow it up with a typed note to show that you are not being casual about the opportunity. Emailed versions of thank you notes have one clear advantage over the handwritten letter, they can put your name in front of the interviewer on the same day. Time is of the essence, right?

What about old fashioned snail mail?

If the company you met with is more on the traditional side, use regular mail to send your thank you note.

Should it be handwritten or typed? Typed is the industry standard. Not only will you show that you are business savvy, but you'll also prove that you know how to put together a salutation, format a letter appropriately and then sign off on it. 

Handwritten notes are appropriate if you'd like to extend your thanks to others in the office who you felt helped you out. They are less common in this technological day and age but in some instances could be beneficial in boosting your chances.

What to say in your thank you note?

What you say and how you say it are more important than the manner in which you send it. A standard thank you note should include the following:

  • Thank your contact for the opportunity to interview with them.
  • Mention your most relevant skills: "This position would be a great fit for me because of ________________________ and my past experience at ______________________."
  • Last but not least, make sure to cover some of the conversational highlights.

Interviewers are busy just like the rest of us. A thank you letter is your final chance to make yourself stand apart from the crowd of potential job seekers.